Thursday, June 28, 2012

37 Azalea Drive Weaverville, 28787

Under $365,000

3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 3.19 Acres 
MLS #: 489054

Seller Says:

The things I love about Weaverville are the views, the quiet, the peacefulness and the people. Restaurants we visit on a regular basis are Vinnie's, Mikes, The Table,  and Blue Mountain Pizza.  Groceries stores we frequent are Ingles,  Fresh Market, and Green Life.  We  love the view, the way the house is laid out, the amount of land it's on, and the piece and quiet of the neighborhood.

 We love the fact that different people that are attracted to Asheville such as artists, writers, and musicians.  That and coupled with it being a collage town make it one of the most interesting places in the South. Mars Hill College has a great reputation as do UNC Asheville and Montreat College.  

                                                        Weaverville is a great town but we also are in very close proximity to Asheville where we can get our fill of cultural activities such as art galleries, the symphony, orchestra, free concerts on the lawn, etc.  Physical activities are a plenty with running, fishing, rafting, hiking, and mountain biking.   Our neighborhood is great for people keeping to themselves and getting involved in local charities, and multiple different causes.