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4 Terrace Drive, Canton 28716

4 Terrace Drive Canton, 28716

 3 Bedrooms | 1 Bathrooms | 0.41 Acres MLS #: 524090

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“Seller Says”

There are many things I love about living in Canton. It's a really quick drive on the interstate to Asheville, without the hassle of stop lights. On the other hand, since there is an easy straight route on Business 19/23, I can take it if I want to enjoy a more leisurely drive and see the fall colors!

Canton has a lot of hidden wonderful secrets! Every year, the town holds three parades. One on Memorial Day, Labor Day and Christmas! The high school football team is supported by many in the community and Friday night football games are a blast in the Fall. Also, there is a lovely paved river walk, a clean recreation center with a pool and playground. In the summers, the town has an outdoor venue for Pickin' in the Park, a celebration of clogging, and old-style music. Even the farmers come out and bring their instruments to pick in a circle! At Halloween, there is a corn maze which is on the way to the Blue Ridge parkway. Our favorite swimming hole is only twenty minutes away and has crystal clear waterfalls. Another lovely option is to drive the short distance to Waynesville where you can see a movie for only $6.00 or attend a Friday evening art walk downtown or have coffee in Frog Level.
One last thing, What's great about Canton is that rush hour only lasts four minutes, the grocery stores are three minutes away and the local deli has amazing gyros and burgers!" We love to eat at the following restaurants: Corner Sandwich Shoppe, Sid's on Main, Mountain Diner and El Canelo. In Waynesville, just 12 minutes away, we love to eat at Thai Spice, The Purple Onion and Los Amigos- every one is so friendly, when we walk in they tell us they've missed us! Grocery store options are great in the Canton/ Waynesville area. In Canton, we have a Super Ingles and a Food Lion as well as smaller stores like Dollar General and Fred's. Waynesville has a Super Ingles, a Bi-Lo and Zoolies Natural Market, great for whole foods, organics. It's like a small Earthfare.

When we bought Terrace Drive, I fell in love with the pre-art deco style kitchen detailing. As soon as we walked in the back door I knew that the heart of the home was perfect. The kitchen is a great size and we've even had a table in the entry nook before for casual dining. Our second story bathroom is probably one of my favorite rooms. Having usually lived in older homes, I was used to a small lavatory, but our bathroom is a great size without being monstrous. For outdoor living, our back patio with herb boxes feels like another room to us from Spring until late Fall. The views from front porch are breath-taking, it stays cool in the summer and I've always enjoyed the fullness of our flower beds from a corner seat there. 

Lastly, the most important item to me is the amount of light our house gets. I wanted a house with an open, airy feel and we definitely get to enjoy the views from every room. "The Canton area is wonderful for relaxed living in a fast paced world. As someone who lived in Asheville most of my life, I started searching for a little more peace and Canton is perfect. We're close to ""town"" (Asheville) if we want a fun night out to meet friends in a metro setting. Fortunately, we've had most of our best nights out in our home area of Canton and Waynesville. We've seen plays, listened to story-tellers, gone to art-walks, and Folkmoot, hiked and been swimming in the summer. Lake Junaluska is one of our favorite places to walk around the lake, canoe, fish and swim in the public pool. 

When we're home, we feel enriched by the mountain surroundings and calmed by our quiet neighborhood. "A few other things to mention are the following: There is a brand new Urgent Care facility just a little over a mile away from our home. They've been listed! Other great things to do in this area are close by- in Clyde there is a local community college, Haywood, and it is famous for its Fine Professional Crafts program. Every holiday season, they have a craft sale at school, an Earth Day celebration and other events. They also have a massage school that offers discounted appointments. "Our neighborhood is great for family fun and neighborly community! Across the street from our house is a huge field! We've played golf there, flag football and even had guests park along the all access road when we have our annual pumpkin carving party. We know many of our neighbors, who give us our privacy but come to visit when invited with a wave across the yard. The loop in our neighborhood is great for walking the dog or just spending some time unwinding. I love that our neighborhood is so close to amenities but feels peaceful. 

Just up the road there are horses and a sheep farm and even lamas- I'm always surprised at what we find on our walks!" Our utility costs are very reasonable and have never been a worry! Our average monthly electric bill with Progress Energy is about $90. We also had wi-fi installed easily through Bell South, and it runs about $40 a month. Canton water is amazingly affordable and our bill rarely exceeds $30, and trust me, I do a lot of laundry and take a lot of baths! We also have a propane gas log fireplace that can cost as little as $30 a month or up to $100 depending on how much you choose to use it. It can heat the whole house in a power outage, but we've only had one outage in five years, even with all that snow. Salty's Camping Supply in Maggie Valley is willing to deliver and pick up the extra propane tank for a small surcharge- about $20. Also, Mountain Energy usually fills our 500 gallon oil tank, the price varies depending on the price of oil. Our oil is K2.

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