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BuckHead Beauty, Atlanta - 3825 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE Atlanta, GA 30342

About this home


Architectural 1940's fully updated gem in the heart of Historic Brookhaven. The exterior of this home offers a feeling of stepping back to grandeur times, but the interior has all the modern conveniences. The home offers a renovated kitchen, cherry cabinetry handcrafted, granite countertops, 3 zone HVAC system, and updated baths. The landscaped yard has lush green gardens, stone walls, and a deck the entire length of the house. A few blocks away one can find exceptional dining, shopping, and the newly opened PATH400 multi-use trail. Want to see this home? Tell us more about what you are looking for here


Property Type:Single Family
Subdivision:Historic Brookhaven
Year Built:1940
Square Feet:2708
Heat Type:Forced Air, Natural Gas
Air Conditioning:Central A/C
Total Full Baths:5
Elementary School:Smith
High School:North Atlanta
Middle School:Sutton

"Seller Says" 

Atlanta is my city...it's a city who grew incredibly over the past 20 years and one I'm proud to call my hometown. 

I moved to Atlanta in 1994, when it was still a small southern city of 3+ million metro residents.  Over the years I personally experienced its growth from a small southern city to that of a large International; commercially competitive city of 8+ million metro residents.  Not to mention the millions of additional visitors traveling daily through the busiest airport in the world. 

So what makes this a town that I love so much?  It started when I moved here.  At first I rented, so I could truly find the BEST location in Atlanta to buy a home.  I wanted one that was center to the heart and soul of this charming southern city.  A home where I could walk or cycle to the best venues for education, entertainment, shopping, sports, dining, relaxation, safety and visiting friends.  I found it all located right here in the center of the city - in the historic Capital City Country Club of Buckhead - and I've remained here for the past 20 years. 

Why?  For many reasons....but safety, accessibility, entertainment, growth indicators and business opportunities were five very important factors, as I was a single man with my 10 year old niece living with me.  My business required extensive traveling and the need  to be parentally responsible and also the personal desire to live the life of a 35 year old social active man and to be able to entertain comfortably at my home.  

I explored every neighborhood and considered multiple options, but kept driving by this one property at the apex of central Buckhead, so my decision was easy...3825 Peachtree Dunwoody was my choice to live at, and also to be the first home I ever purchased.  Icaptured my personality, enabled me to capitalize on the vision to restore the property to its original grandeur of the late 1930's and without question the property and area of Buckhead meet each of those five requirements.

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As a business man, what has continued to solidified my decision to remain a part of Buckhead for the past 20 years, has been the insurgence of Atlanta as an competitive International city.  With the recent addition of Mercedes-Benz USA, Atlanta is now home to 18 of the Top 500 worldwide corporations, and 5 in the Top 100:  Home Depot, UPS, Coca Cola, Delta, and Mercedes-Benz. 

Additionally, I participated in nearly everything that Atlanta has hosted:

- memorable events like the Braves winning the World Series, the 1996 Olympics, 2 Super Bowls and 2 NCAA Championship Finals, and hold the top rated 10K race of 70,000 runners (starting literally outside my door)

- top rated restaurants; acclaimed shopping venues within walking distant of my home.

- continuous upgrading of every type of real estate (home, office, shopping, entertainment, parks/relaxation, sports, MARTA, all along Peachtree Road to compete with the likes of Miracle Mile in Chicago.

- parks, bike paths, neighborhood watch programs, hired mobile security, as well as multiple annual social events for the neighborhood - all within this walking community

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Tell us something about your neighborhood
My neighborhood is a very friendly and supportive neighborhood for all type of people, families and lifestyles.  The neighbors are a collage of well known professional athletes, pop musicians, elected officials, corporate business leaders, heathcare professionals (the largest group of physican's/hospitals down the street 2 miles), retirees (3 of the largest retirement communities in the city), young families with kids, singles, and the former military families.

The neighborhood hires our own mobile security guards to patrol the community in addition to the Fulton, Dekalb, and Brookhaven police departments.  

The Nancy Creek park and playground, as well as the 400 Pathway trails are all within a mile of my home.

Our community: hosts annual social street functions events, manicured lawns with beautiful holiday decorations at Christmas, accessible to the top rated public K-8 schools and multiple private and religious educational institutions, as well as Georgia Tech, Oglethorpe and Georgia State Universities.  Additionally, a large percentage of the homeowners are also members of the historic Capital City Country Club.  MARTA bus lines run throughout the neighborhood and cycling, running, walking and social strolls are common occurrences around the 3 mile Country Club golf course.  It is a very friendly community and we're quite supportive of our neighbors...an annual registry is produced for all homeowners providing names, contact information and number of children/ages for networking with kid group activities.

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Where do you love to eat in the area?

One of my favorite social activities is exploring restaurants.  So over the years, I've come across many of the best from those "affordable rare finds" to the high end elegant restaurants.  Here are a few of some of my favorite "affordable rare finds" by type:

Gourmet Hamburgers: Zinburger at Lenox (gourmet, chic and definitely a trendy place to people watch)

Italian: Mirko Pasta on Roswell or Vintage Pizza; Italian in Chamblee, - (both are great 'families/friends/singles' restaurants with promos/bingo on select nights).

Mexican - how do you select the best...everyone has their own choices, but chips, salas and a good margarita...who cares about the rest of the food. Ole! Ole!

Chinese - Cheap...cheap...cheap....and good - Dragon Express.  Otherwise, my favorite is Bangkok Thai on Cheshire Bridge

Sushi -  Tomo Sushi...walk to the corner and dine in one of Atlanta's top authentic Sushi restaurant...frequent home of Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcon's quarterback

Seafood - Coast Seafood and Raw Bar - located on West Paces Ferry Road, next to Whole Foods and across the street from the St. Regis Hotel.  This area of Buckhead is the new "hot and trendy spot"...must go shopping, dining, site-seeing; people watching

Bar Nights -  The epicenter of glamour in Atlanta are nightclubs in Buckhead, and the place to go for a night in the city’s glitziest nightspots. As far as finding the best nightclubs in Buckhead, that’s for you to decide.   

If a night on the dance floor is your aim, Buckhead has a multitude of possibilities. Havana Club has been a fixture on the scene for over 15 years and is noted for its humidor stocked with rare and exotic cigars.  Buckhead Bottle Bar; Bistro serves up carefully crafted cocktails and a delicious menu for lunch and dinner before the city’s hottest DJs spin the tunes that keep the dance floor packed through the night.  For a change of pace, check out  Johnny’s Hideaway, a historic spot that plays everything from Sinatra to Madonna, attracting a crowd of all ages.

Special night out dining (local): St. Cecelia, Davio's, 12 Lanterns, Buckhead Diner

Special nights out: Fox Theater, Roxy, CineBistro, Lennox, Phipps, etc..etc

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Grocery stores and other convenient stores

Grocery stores are very plentiful in my neighborhood, including all the new organic and herbal stores.  Here are a few beyond the local new flagship Kroger Store on Peachtree Rd. (if they don't have it, you don't need it, but way too large to shop all the time). Alternative is Publix up at the corner where it has only 8 lanes perfect for me as a single man or any retiree. 

However, my personal favorites are:

Fresh Market on Roswell Rd.; Wiecua and Whole Foods on West Paces Ferry Road in Buckhead.

What were you drawn to when you bought the property?

What drew me to my property was initially the southern charm of the home.  I'm only the 2nd owner of this 76 year old home of the old south.  Ironically, what is so interesting about the home, it that the original design of the home was from the first home owner, Mr. & Mrs. Utterly.  They were from Ohio and he was brought down to Atlanta, GA for his job.  They had 4 kids and lived in this 3 bedroom home with their maid living downstairs in the basement.  
You walked through the halls and the walls spoke to you about the life of the privileged and unfortunately the southern tradition of 'the help' w ho were provided less desirable quarters of the home, but then again for that time, their hired help were also very grateful to be brought into a family of such means during a very depressing period in our society. 

I took the time to restore the home in stages.  It was nearly 3 years before finally completed but all the hardwoods throughout the house were restored, new gas lights were incorporated into the structure, the home (master bedroom and kitchen) were expanded in size and the time ridden basement with swirling memories of the old southern ways, was cleaned and remolded into an separate room that can be incorporated into an in-law suite, teenager's dream 'coming of age' suite, man-cave, children's game room and daybed.  So many options for this space.

But what I also saw about this property was beyond the walls of the structure itself.  It was the opportunity to recapture the beautiful gardens that were professionally landscaped.  I started with building a full home length deck and constructed a canopy dining area off the far end of the deck with a candle chandelier.  

The grand staircase is centered to align with the reconstructed formal dining room and French doors opening out to the stairs.  They cascade down to the flower gardens and patio landing and onto the largest finished backyard on the street and continued wooded lot leading down to Nancy Creek.  

What is unknown about this area where my home sits is that we still are classified as sitting in a district known to be a bird sanctuary.  You will see the most wonderful selection of birds in the back yard, from Robins, to Bluebirds to Cardinals, and so forth...but two very distinct birds are the Spotted Owl and the two (female/male) Hawks.  Neither of these come back every year, but when they do, their presences is definitely known, as the two Hawks greeted me every morning on the post of my deck looking into the kitchen window as I made coffee and toast for breakfast.  I could continue for hours about the fabulous parties we held at our home, deck cocktail parties, family gatherings for many events, including housing 12 people in my home for the entire Olympics, prior to renovation.  All in all, you will love this home and it is now time for a 3rd generation to take ownership and bring to life this charming old Colonial home of the past. 

What do you love about the area?

Living at 3825 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, inside the perimeter of Atlanta, has got to be the BEST place in the south to live for a large international city.  Other places have their charm, culture, and history....but where else other than NYC or Chicago or SanFran can you actually WALK to....

- the start of the 10K Freedom run and be with 70,000 runners starting at Lennox Mall.  There is no other feeling of pride and emotions that will overtake you as you run under one of the largest American Flags in the country with the road lined with 500,000+ viewers/supporters. I'm damn proud to be an American and damn proud that MY neighborhood is the start of the race.  Or how about...

-  walk that same evening with lawn chairs in hand to Lenox Mall/Phipps Plaza and sit in the road to watch the BEST fireworks in Atlanta.  If you're lucky and WORK in one of the tall buildings, walkable to your home, then you can see all the other fireworks around town.  Or how about...

- walking to Lenox/Phipps on Thanksgiving night to view and sing carols as the huge Macy's Christmas Tree is lit by Santa

- multiple road races are run down Peachtree Road

- Sarah Smith schools are within 2 miles, and recently named one of the top elementary schools in the state.

- coming home every day/night and taking a 3-4 mile run, walk or stroller around the most beautiful country club and golf course overlooking the skyline of Atlanta. 

- having the selection of every church denomination within a 3 mile radius of the home.  I've visited them all and so should you, but definitely visit these:

- Christ the King Catholic Cathedral

- The Cathedral of St. Phillip Episcopal

- Peachtree Road United Methodist

- Peachtree Presbyterian,

- and many Jewish synagogues based on your following

A few others I can mention....

- some of the area's best shopping malls in the south and possibly the country. 

- without question, incredible restaurants and entertainment - all within walking distance

- but my favorite thing I LOVE to do is to invite my family and friends over to join me on the Grande backyard deck.  I open up the French doors to the formal dining room, kick off the top of line music sound system throughout the entire home, light the candles throughout the house, the outdoor torches and the candle chandelier over the outdoor dinning room... I then put steaks on the Weber grill, open up several bottle of wines and dance all night to an evening my family, friends and myself will never forget.  I've hosted more parties on my Grande porch and have many cherished memories to take with me as I move from this fabulous place.

What are your hobbies?

We all like different things when it comes to hobbies, but mostly mine center around athletics and being outdoors.  I love to run and cycle, as most Atlantan's are picking up both sources of exercise.  Two great new resources to access from the house are the PATH 400 Atlanta and the Beltline.  I will truly miss having immediate access to both!

When I'm not outdoors or on a rainy day, its always nice to sit on the patio downstairs under my deck and read a book looking over my beautiful back yard. 

Still my personal best is to go to a movie, museum or theatrical production.  My home sits within:

- 1 mile of the two premier movie theaters CineBistro and Phipps AMC, and

- 4 miles of 8 other major movie theaters, including Tara Regal Theaters for most Foreign & International films.

- 4 museums, where I'm a member of the High Museum and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Both a MUST membership!

- 4 Live entertainment venues... The Fox, Roxy, Cobb Center

- multiple parks (best being Piedmont Park),

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Utilities Cost?

Utility Costs...utility cost have raised over 20 years, including mine.  However, my home has also increased in size by a 1000 sq. ft. in two remodels over the tenure of my ownership. Some featured to help the home become more cost efficient are:

- installed double insulated,

- upgraded all the plumbing in the home,

- completely re-insulated the home

- electrically re-wired the entire home,

- new roof added about 7 years ago

- added 3 heating/air system, each floor on its own system

- heat pump also installed

- home repainted 2 years ago

- inspection completed 2 years ago; all listed items corrected

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  1. The historic entry of this home with the grand, lush lawns at the front are so inviting. Seems like an incredible deal for Buckhead! I can imagine the doggies and family running around on the lawn and - oh - the parties on that big back deck! Looks like a brand new home on the inside with all the history outside.

  2. Wow. That is an amazing home in Atlanta. Looks like the perfect spot for entertaining. And it is close to everything in the city.

  3. This home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Full of high end finishes. Feels like a luxury home with relaxation everywhere. Anyone would be lucky to call this home. Love the colors, the kitchen is amazing and the landscaping is perfect.

  4. beautiful house with lots of space and all the right features. great place to call home.

  5. This is a very special home with great quality finishes and beautiful landscaping. The open concept kitchen with granite and stainless is perfect for casual visits with family and friends, while the more formal spaces and outdoor decks lend themselves to larger events. Come take a look you're sure to love it too!

  6. Gorgeous Home that has been well loved and taken care of. It is obvious that all the owners appreciate quality and craftsmanship. Great open plan kitchen, love the wood floors and fireplace, amazing decks beautiful yard and landscaping.

  7. I love the grand kitchen and the lawns. Brookhaven is a fantastic location, and this home is a true stunner.

  8. Wow what a house and what a story!

    1. Nick Shivers - you are awesome. Folks - this is your #1 agent in Portland.


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