Monday, July 28, 2014

57 JR Pate Road Burnsville, NC 28714 MLS 566640 Presented by Patton & Lee Asheville

Impeccably Restored Victorian:
Modern Convenience with Irreplaceable Historic Charm!

57 JR Pate Road
Burnsville, NC 28714
MLS 566640

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An easy 25 minute drive to Asheville, this lovingly restored and updated Queen Anne Victorian home features handcrafted woodwork by Biltmore carpenters.
Enjoy this history filled mountain home alongside many modern conveniences, including a fantastic kitchen. Completely restored in 1990. 6 fireplaces. Hot tub. Mature Landscaping. Mountain Views. Plenty of Parking. Currently a BandB however 'no zoning' will allow your imagination to be your guide.

"Seller Says" 
The things we love about Yancey County and Burnsville are… hhhmmm let's see ~ we love the wide variety of interesting, lovely, accomplished and productive Artists in our area ~ the many organic Farmers ~ the beauty of the landscape everywhere ~ kind people and cows ~ low taxes :)

We love to eat our kitchen table :)

I like to cook and love my kitchen! Next in line would be; the
Glass Onion in Weaverville or the Knife and Fork in Spruce Pine… each are stellar places to eat! Burnsville has some cute and fine little cafe's and restaurants like; the Garden Deli and Appalachian Java ~ a former favorite of mine was MaryJane's Cafe which is now Kirkwoods and is a pretty darned good place to find all my favorite locals :) and I love their back deck dining option and live music.

I think Burnsville has one of the best Ingles I've ever been in ~ I think it must be because our organic voices are loud :) but I usually shop a hop skip and a jump at the Westgate Earth Fare in Asheville. Burnsville has a really good farmer's market on Saturday.

When we bought the property we were immediately drawn to the gingerbread and lacework on the outside and the fine craftsmanship of the woodworking inside ~ the proximity to Asheville and the location was perfect! Even though the house needed so much work when we were shown it, we saw the pure potential of it and knew in our hearts we would be the next caretakers of this fine, well built and important historic landmarks of the region. We knew we could live and work in this awesome place, no problem!

Asheville and WNC has some of the most forward thinking and progressive souls we know. There is something about this region that is a breeding ground for creativity, music and loving spirit to blossom. There are some of the best buskers in Asheville, a really good drum circle on Friday nights and some of the best eateries I've encountered  I'm a 'foodie'!). And that the region is a temperate rainforest ~ the most bio-diverse region on the planet next to the tropical rain forests, I'm told! More flora and fauna than most places… The mountain ranges are some of the oldest on the planet… There are many geological wonders here ~ you can find emeralds, rubies, mica, amethyst and quartz crystals a plenty are some of the gems found. And again ~ some of the most spectacular landscapes ~ those blue ridges are not photoshopped ~ they exist! 

I love hiking and finding waterfalls and scenic views and having my breath taken away on a regular basis by mother nature. Some other things I can mention are… I love being able to see the Milky Way on a dark night… I love my valley view… I love how the landscaping we installed more than 10 years ago has so beautifully matured and is hugging the property as a nice buffer from the highway… Looking out almost any window is a nice view… That you can't hear the highway from most places inside the house… Did I mention that the taxes are low??? :)
This is a great place for a party! There are so many things you can do with this well built, historic home with 4 footprints dating back to 1839; so well sewn together and updated many times over the years… It was made into virtually a 'new home' in vintage clothes in 1990 when it was lifted and new foundation, all new electric and septic and well were installed… All the wood and metal inside and out were stripped and restored… the newest sunroom addition is my favorite to work in with such gorgeous natural light and good views… inspirational place to live… with 'good bones'.
You can find hiking, sightseeing, fishing, tubing, zip lining, shopping, people watching, fine dining, back country cafe's & grocery stores, live music, photo-ops, bookstores, literary people, artistic souls, and just generally happy people here!
Our neighborhood is great for having cows as our closest neighbors and artists right around the corner & beauty right in front of me every day out my window and nearly wherever I drive ~ the proximity to Asheville coupled with low taxes and breathtaking beauty of the landscapes everywhere you go ~ and how many kind~souled and sweet~hearted people you run across. Oftentimes in the summer, you can open up your car door to see a bag of zucchini on your seat :)