Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Certified Pre-Owned Homes From Patton Property Group at Keller Williams.

CPO Homes - what it means

CPO = Certified Pre-Owned 

Home Inspection, Appraisal, Home Warranty is in progress or completed. Check with listing agent for current status.

Imagine purchasing a home that has an inspection. All the issues that arise on MOST homes are now unlikely to be a problem. YOU know going in, if there are any issues with the home as determined by a
licensed home inspector.

Old-fashioned real estate
The average inspection turns up 12+ items that need repair. At this point, you as the buyer will have paid for an inspection, and now have to renegotiate the terms of your offer. 

Homes with a full CPO take a lot of these issues off the table. You are still welcome to have your own inspection, of course, as well as order your own appraisal if you wish.

Appraised for your peace of mind
Imagine the peace of mind you will have, purchasing a home that has an appraisal in place. We have been using this approach since 2011, and only one of these homes has not appraised when the buyer attempts to get a loan. We sell more homes than any other team in the mountains, so this says something about our approach!

Now you are purchasing a home that is appraised, and has an inspection for your perusal. A full CPO home also offers a home warranty, to take care of most issues that would arise during the first 12 months of your ownership. 

The owners of this home have
decided to do all of this preparation upfront for you. 

Let's change the real estate process together - and make buying and selling a home closer to what it should be - FUN!